Car Electronics Installation Service

Ongoing Dedication to Training, Tools, and Technology

Technology in an automobile has been increasing at an ever-increasing pace and has left many people behind. Our company is committed to ongoing training for all of our employees so they can stay up to speed on modern vehicle networks. In years past, basic equipment would suffice for an installation. Nowadays, that won’t cut it, so we have invested thousands of dollars in sophisticated diagnostic equipment and calibration tools to properly test and evaluate every vehicle.

Electronic Integration Specialists

The single biggest area where Limitless Automotive stands out is in our OEM integration. People seek us out daily, looking to add modern electronics to their cars, trucks or SUVs. Whether you have a classic vehicle or something that just rolled off the assembly line, our goal is to integrate the products you choose in such a way that they look like they came as factory options.

Car Audio Upgrades

If you are the kind of person who loves music, we are going to get along great. Our team is made up of people who are passionate about delivering great-sounding audio systems for our clients. We take a complete system approach to our designs, which is very different from our competition. One of our staff will get together with you, look over your vehicle and listen as you explain your goals for the upgrades. We will offer you a complete, installed solution designed to meet those goals. From products designed to fit into factory locations to custom fabrication, we offer it all.

CarPlay and Android Auto

Two of the most popular ways to harness the power of your smartphone in your vehicle are Apple’s CarPlay and Google’s Android Auto. Imagine having almost complete control over your phone via voice and having everything displayed on the touchscreen we install in your dash.

Navigation Systems

For many people, nothing beats the convenience and accuracy of an installed navigation system. The first time your free mapping software on your phone announces that “you have arrived at your destination” and you realize it took you to the wrong place, consider an installed solution.

When you add in the security of your music being muted whenever it announces a turn, the increased accuracy from an external antenna and the large screen in the dash, one of these is a logical choice for many people. You can also gain many optional features, such as Bluetooth, USB ports, SiriusXM, HD radio, backup cameras and more.

Get Real Bass in Your Vehicle

Did you know that an automobile is one of the best places to get real, accurate bass? Our company can integrate a subwoofer system into any vehicle, and our fabrication team can design an enclosure that takes up minimal space while keeping the integrity of the vehicle intact.

Improve the Clarity and Staging of your Music

Have you always wanted to have an incredible-sounding music system in your car, truck or SUV, but have never been happy? Then we suggest a trip to Limitless Automotive. With our selection of great-sounding speakers, coupled with our digital sound processors, our team can design and build you a system that brings out every nuance in the music. You will hear musicians and singers staging across the dash, reminding you of your favorite concerts.

Modern Technology Upgrades

Many of our clients come to us in search of modern technology upgrades for their vehicles. It may be a street rod or classic car, a used vehicle that is still loved, or something new that lacks a feature. Chances are, our team can take whatever you drive and give you the modern technology you have always wanted.

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